uhhuh doublebloodyfuckingshit
yehet. (chanyeol's gull).

hi i am noori from nyc. 16. paki.

i like hp, got, kpop, arrow, ouat, teen wolf, ahs, atla, comic books and some other stuff.

i'll stan for yeol and jinki until the day i die.

beagle line are my suns and my stars ❤️

don't be shy pls. :) dftba

nilililimbo on ig, twitter, and kakao :)


sehun looks like he ate a whole bag of flamin hot cheetos before this performance

My friends accidentally buttdialed me and were talking shit about me and hanging out without me so I sold our tickets for $600 and bought one floor seat right by the catwalk.


(Niall voice) legend!

defense lawyer: sweetie(:


50 shades of shut the fuck up about this book i’ve read better smut written by virgin teenagers for free

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